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Skyscrapers, sailors and sandwiches

Day 11

flight path

Travel day! From Carlsbad to LA, LA to NYC! Made a stop over for another In-and-Out Burger experience (this time under the flight path), went to the movies and travelled by bus to and fro. Boarded our red-eye to NYC!

Day 12

first glimpse nyc

Very, very sleepy today. And hot. My word is it hot. Breakfast, napping, lunch, napping, dinner, bedtime. Turns out there isn’t much sleeping to be had on the red-eye.

little italy
We had Vietnamese in Chinatown for dinner, and gelato in Little Italy for dessert.

Day 13

high line

For our first real day in NYC, we explored Chelsea and the High Line. Which was so lovely and I could have walked along it again and again, hot humidity and all. The High Line was an old raised train line, turned into public park. Gorgeous.

us on the high line
We are very sweaty. But happy, I promise! 

We sought refuge at Risotteria, and ate the best gluten-free pizza of our lives. Also had salad and a bottle of wine for lunch. It’s a holiday after all!


We saw more sights …

cafe wha

sex and city
Having a quick Carrie moment on Perry Street in the West Village. Sex and the City filmed here!

… then went on the most wonderful sunset sail on the Hudson River, and visited a great bar called the Rusty Knot.

statue of liberty

me on a boat
Drinking champagne while hanging on for dear life.

holly and luke on hudson

Excuse the sailor on the left.

Oh, and we had a picnic of small Ruben sandwiches for dinner.


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Old glory, nuptials and hangovers

Turns out when holidaying in NYC there is no time for blogging! So here is a super quick run-down of our last days in California, before I update you with THE MOST AMAZING NEWS and some NYC stories …

Day 6

Wednesday saw Luke head out on Sean’s bachelor party for go-karting, roof top drinking and karaoke. All men returned the next day with hangovers and no voices. Bachelor party success.

in and out

I headed down south with Julia and Jess to Encinitas for a quiet night in. Highlights of the drive was a crash between two trucks, one of which had a bobcat on it, and lunch at In-and-Out Burger. Oh my. I think I finally understand why people have burger obsessions.

Day 7

Thursday was FOURTH OF JULY! Happy fourth you guys! Us ladies (well, Jess’ mom and aunties) rustled up some patriotic decorations and food, while the men slowly returned.


The main event began at 5pm, with games of hula-hoop, corn-hole and backyard cricket. Hotdogs and potato salad were followed by lemon meringue pie and chocolate chip cookies. And beer, always beer.

Day 8

Friday was the wedding rehearsal and family dinner, all of which we played a part in as Luke was a groomsman at the wedding, and I was given the honour of reading an Aussie poem during the ceremony. Rehearsal all went to plan, with walking and hand positions perfected.


The wedding venue was a 163 year old ranch. It was gorgeous, the white buildings, the blue blue sky, palm trees and bougainvillea were just perfect.

Day 9

The day we have all been looking forward to, and the reason we are here!

sean and jess

Sean and Jess had the most beautiful wedding, the ceremony was officiated by their friend Sam, the food was divine, and the home-made sangria far too tasty. I ended up in a fountain with some of my new friends! Oops …


So classy.

jess dance

I can’t wait to share the official photos from the wedding once we have them, Luke looked very suave! In the meantime, here is Luke and I are in the background of this beautiful photo of Jess dancing with her Dad.

Day 10


Hungover. Atoned with waffles and bacon and a bloody mary.

Next up, NYC!

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