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Ah Meredith 2012. To quote Aunty, it felt next level and old school all at the same time. It’s very difficult to express the wondrous weekend that was the Meredith Music Festival, so I’ll leave it to these photos to help you get it if you weren’t there.

on the road to meredith
On the road, this place is a beauty.

meredith sunrise
Morning! Meredith Sunrises for all!

dusty sunset
And a Meredith Sunset. There’s nothing like it.

Oh look! It’s Vladimir Putin!

with vladamir
Giving my respects to Vladimir.

sunset over the eye
Me capturing Laura, capturing Meredith.

It’s Lukey!

A breakfast necessity. Hydration and vitamins.

When it’s hot, nap.

Meredith isn’t Meredith without Sunday morning recovery tai chi.

Hope to see you in the ‘Sup next year!

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Meet Mallory!

I am a cyclist. Well, cyclist might be an exaggeration, but there is no doubt that I love riding my bike.

My ride is a 1960s Malvern Star, I named her Mallory. My Dad bought her for me at an auction in Launceston for only $75. He had her cleaned up and shipped over to the Melbourne inner city where she belongs. Thanks Dad!

She came with her original owners manual in a lovely Mao inspired plastic bag, tied onto her handlebars with a rubber band.

It was hard to avoid cycling as a kid, as I grew up in Evandale, Tasmania, the home of the National Penny Farthing Championships. In 1993, my Dad won the Airport Sprint, a race where they closed down the Launceston Airport so fools on penny farthings could ride down the runway really fast. Funnily enough, they don’t race that one any more.

Dad airport sprint
Here we all are in 1994! Nice hats!

Dad is a huge cycling fan and cyclist, as a teenager I worked in a cafe and served him and his many lyrca-clad mates lattes and pastries every Saturday morning after they’d been out on a long ride. Despite being surrounded by bikes growing up, I never really rode my bike much (maybe the lycra put me off!?).

These days I ride often. I ride Mallory to work everyday, to Girl Guides when I don’t have tents to traipse about, and out and about with Luke on the weekends. I try to avoid any real traffic, and stick to the nice wide bike paths. Luckily there is plenty of those in Melbourne.

Look how fast I can ride! Wheeeeeee!

My best (and only) sister Laura bought me this book for my birthday, it is full of cycling wisdom, maps and themed trips. I’m yet to try any of the suggested outings, but have enjoyed sections such as “Never look at yourself while wearing a helmet” and “The bicycle and women’s rights”.

Winter sees me often chosing the tram over Mallory, but now that summer is here I’m looking forward to days of cycling about. Safe riding!

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