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Moves of the week


An update of my exercise and general moves for the week. Get inspired with me!

35 minute walk around Princes Park

60 minute fitball class
30 minute walk from and to the mechanic
20 minute run around the park

35 minute walk around the park
30 minute bicycle ride to the city and back

60 minute toning class
70 minute walk around the park

60 minute cardio class
35 minute walk around the park

35 minute walk around the park (I never get bored of this!)
40 minute bicycle ride to and from the city

120 minute boot camp session involving death defying stunts such as running up a hill with a 1.5kg tent pole over ones head in 27 degrees


The week in Instagram

A week filled with …


Walking through the Melbourne Cemetery.

Visiting the Ballarat Beer Festival.

Driving around gorgeous country Victoria.

Lunch in Kyneton, delicious!



This is Lucky Dog, hunter of thongs, balls and food scraps.

I am currently job hunting. Urgh.

It is a hard balance to look for jobs, find the confidence to talk oneself up and apply for jobs, plan fun ‘I’m free during the day!’ activities, not eat crap and keep the house tidy.

Am trying to make the most of my glorious free time, while:
a) not stressing out.
b) not breaking down.
c) not doing both of the above, resulting in watching Ellen in my underwear, unshowered and eating two minute noodles.

Wish me luck!

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Thoughts about summer


Things I like about summer:
1) Watching the cricket
2) Napping in front of the cricket
3) Eating a mango over the sink
4) Drinking cider

Things I don’t like about summer:
1) Sweating

The week in Instagram

A week filled with …

Doggy love.

Finishing work.

Two scarves.

Delicious breakfasts.


Mmmm biscuits …

Today I made amazing peanut butter choc chip biscuits. Gluten and dairy free too! But with eggs. Sorry vegans.

Choc chip peanut butter biscuits
Recipe adapted from the Gluten Free Girl and the Chef. Makes 30.

2 cups peanut butter, I’ve used both smooth or crunchy
1 cup raw sugar
2 teaspoons baking powder
2 eggs
1 cup dark choc chips

Cream peanut butter and sugar, mix in baking powder and eggs, then fold through the choc chips. Roll into balls, bake at 180 degrees for 10-15 minutes. Leave them on the tray to harden for 5 minutes, then cool on a baking rack. Done! Delicious!

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Hi all, given my current circumstances, I have decided to start blogging. Time on my hands and all that. More to come.

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