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Life as I now know it

Don’t worry, I’m alive!

University has swallowed my life. After four weeks of my new routine, I’m feeling like I can lift my head up again. Thank goodness!

This is what I’ve been doing. Books, laptop, tea. Repeat.

I’ve been loving the study, but the change of routine shook me around more than I had thought. I’m a creature of habit, I’m at a bit of a loss without routine. But now that I’ve finished my old job, had a month of classes, and started my new casual job, I’m feeling a bit more like myself.

This is grumpy me, during the first few weeks of having two jobs and starting uni. Grumpy.

So. What’s news? Well, we went to Golden Plains and enjoyed us some Cat Power and George Clinton. It was hot and awesome …

The view from our tent. Glorious.

I took my Guides camping. It rained but we are toughies …

Packing up wet tents is a challenge for Guides and Leaders alike.

I haven’t been photographing my outfits much, but this one is a favourite. I feel very 70s in it.


Luke’s mum sent me this 80s tupperware. Very much in love! But don’t microwave it. Hot tip (ha!) from the experienced …


Last weekend saw Luke and I spend a day together, the first for three or four weeks! We slept in, went to the gym, out for breakfast at our favourite (have the summer breakfast), did some study, then played board games and drank wine. Glorious. We have made it our mission to spend every Sunday like this.

Summer breakfast at Small Block – spinach, fetta, beetroot relish, avo, eggs, toast.

So that’s me.

Oh, and just to show off, it is only 87 days until Luke and I go to southern California and New York for a wedding and a hollyday. Happy happy happy dance!

Happy Easter to you if that’s your thing. If not, hope you have enjoyed your long weekend. I have!

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Lately …

Luke and I spent last Saturday night in, enjoying some good old fashioned fun. We played pass the pigs, cribbage and drank gin. I won cribbage, Luke won pass the pigs.

Luke joined me for lunch last week, on a lovely sunny day. Spring is slowly springing! We followed up lunch with ice creams in the park. I’m a biter, Luke’s a licker.

Here I am channelling the 1970s in preparation for seeing Germaine Greer as part of the Melbourne Writers Festival. Germaine was fabulous, and spoke intelligently and eloquently on a huge range of subjects from gay marriage (she’s anti all marriage, gay or otherwise), the health of Australian rainforests and how women need to stop being obsessed with cleanliness, and stop cleaning our houses so often! I love her.


Luke and I recently took ourselves out for date night. We started with a date night Old Fashioned. Delicious. We followed this up with date night paella, date night sangria and date night pints. Needless to say we ended with a date night hangover.

I hope you have a lovely week!

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Instagram feet style

Well, turns out I wasn’t completely correct in my last Instagram post regarding my favourite photography subjects. I left out my feet! And my legs!


I have a thing for these desert boots, do much so I bought another pair in maroon!


These are my new ASOS find. Very yellow, very comfy.


I chased the sun around while on my lunch break last week. It felt glorious while it lasted.

More sun! And grass!

Yellow legs and spots. A favourite combo.

Have you been lucky enough to see any sun this week? Or bought any new shoes?

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Snap happy

Today was the most glorious autumn day. Yes, some might argue that we are now in winter, however today was autumn through and through. I took photos wherever I went, to capture the sky and sun for the grey days ahead.

Walking to work, I couldn’t help but snap some of the beautiful sky. And sun! Sun!

The sky was blue and the air crisp.


I wandered to my afternoon appointment though the Treasury Gardens. The big old trees are simply glorious.

As I made my way past the Melbourne Museum, I saw the Royal Exhibition Centre reflected in the glass, along with the blue sky. I love the sail boat right in the middle.

I hope it was sunny in your corner of the world today!

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I love the MGC

(not to be confused with the MCG …)

Most days I ride my bike, Mallory, to work. I could ride along the road, but I like to sneak though the Melbourne General Cemetery. On wet mornings, or mornings when I have stuff to do that Mallory isn’t invited to, I walk and always stop to take at least one photo on my way.

The old section is my favourite, with the falling apart graves etched with glorious names like Elsie Elizabeth, Margaret Mary and Grace Jean, and the impressive ornate headstones. The morning clouds make the whole experience almost (almost!) religious.

I guess some would find my love of the cemetery in bad taste, but I love imaging the lives people lived, who they loved and how they are missed. It’s beautiful and uplifting.


How do you feel about cemeteries? The MGC is beautiful, yes?

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I seem to photograph three things regularly:

Luke and I


Sushi and kisses in the sun!

1 Collins Street. Classy.

My food

Breakfast most days – overnight oats, berries, brown sugar and hazelnuts.

Bottom of the fridge soup with sour cream.

The sky

Olympic Park looks like bubbles.

Sunset out my kitchen window.

If these topics thrill you, follow me on Instagram! I’m known as @hollybracken …

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The walk home


I walked home from dinner with the lovely Caitlin last night, into the most peaceful evening. Maybe it was the fact it was a Tuesday, or maybe that it was a cooler night and everyone was snuggled inside? Either way, it was gorgeous to be alone with the clouds, the sun and the moon.


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The week in Instagram

A week filled with …


Walking through the Melbourne Cemetery.

Visiting the Ballarat Beer Festival.

Driving around gorgeous country Victoria.

Lunch in Kyneton, delicious!


The week in Instagram

A week filled with …

Doggy love.

Finishing work.

Two scarves.

Delicious breakfasts.