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Life as I now know it

Don’t worry, I’m alive!

University has swallowed my life. After four weeks of my new routine, I’m feeling like I can lift my head up again. Thank goodness!

This is what I’ve been doing. Books, laptop, tea. Repeat.

I’ve been loving the study, but the change of routine shook me around more than I had thought. I’m a creature of habit, I’m at a bit of a loss without routine. But now that I’ve finished my old job, had a month of classes, and started my new casual job, I’m feeling a bit more like myself.

This is grumpy me, during the first few weeks of having two jobs and starting uni. Grumpy.

So. What’s news? Well, we went to Golden Plains and enjoyed us some Cat Power and George Clinton. It was hot and awesome …

The view from our tent. Glorious.

I took my Guides camping. It rained but we are toughies …

Packing up wet tents is a challenge for Guides and Leaders alike.

I haven’t been photographing my outfits much, but this one is a favourite. I feel very 70s in it.


Luke’s mum sent me this 80s tupperware. Very much in love! But don’t microwave it. Hot tip (ha!) from the experienced …


Last weekend saw Luke and I spend a day together, the first for three or four weeks! We slept in, went to the gym, out for breakfast at our favourite (have the summer breakfast), did some study, then played board games and drank wine. Glorious. We have made it our mission to spend every Sunday like this.

Summer breakfast at Small Block – spinach, fetta, beetroot relish, avo, eggs, toast.

So that’s me.

Oh, and just to show off, it is only 87 days until Luke and I go to southern California and New York for a wedding and a hollyday. Happy happy happy dance!

Happy Easter to you if that’s your thing. If not, hope you have enjoyed your long weekend. I have!

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