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3(0) is a magic number

I am now 30 years old. AND DAMN IT FEELS GOOD!

birthday presents

Here are all my presents. Well not all of them! Lovely Laura gave me some Royal Doulton champagne glasses, which are to be featured another time!


Luke bought me this paella pan and accoutrements, we have eaten paella twice since. Who would have thought it was so quick and easy!

A favourite adult book, and two amazing kids books.

“Bernard, Bernard! I’m a prostitute robot from the future!”

le creuset

I was very spoilt again, with this gift of my second Le Creuset! This cast iron pan will get plenty of work in years to come. And it’s orange!


After opening all my presents (thanks Mum and Dad for the knife, and my lovely in-laws for my spoils), and having my first solo bedroom dance as a 30 year old to Azealia Banks (language warning!), the squishy above took me out for breakfast to the North Carlton Canteen. Yummo.

I was lucky enough to share my day with my friend Lisa’s wedding day! So Lukey and I spruced ourselves up to get down to Lisa and Aaron’s wedding in the Carlton Gardens. The sun came out just in time for the ceremony, and all was glorious, as all weddings should be.


I kept myself relatively nice until my job as MC was finished, then I joined the others in some ridiculous dancing, champagne glass smashing (accident!) and general tomfoolery. Fun.

wedding ladies
Hawt bride.

I was also super spoilt with our traditional birthday dinner later on in the week – Luke took me to La Luna!

la luna charcuterie

It was a delicious, (ethical) meat filled, winey and yummy night, starting with an amazing charcuterie plate, then garlic prawns, sausages, filet mignon wrapped in bacon, roasted pork and ice-cream to finish.

la luna meals

Not to mention a wine or two with each course. Dirty 30s indeed!


Needless to say, a most fabulous time was had. Thanks to everyone for the fabulous send off up to the third floor!

luke loves cats
Luke making friends with all the neighbourhood cats on the walk home from dinner ….

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Life as I now know it

Don’t worry, I’m alive!

University has swallowed my life. After four weeks of my new routine, I’m feeling like I can lift my head up again. Thank goodness!

This is what I’ve been doing. Books, laptop, tea. Repeat.

I’ve been loving the study, but the change of routine shook me around more than I had thought. I’m a creature of habit, I’m at a bit of a loss without routine. But now that I’ve finished my old job, had a month of classes, and started my new casual job, I’m feeling a bit more like myself.

This is grumpy me, during the first few weeks of having two jobs and starting uni. Grumpy.

So. What’s news? Well, we went to Golden Plains and enjoyed us some Cat Power and George Clinton. It was hot and awesome …

The view from our tent. Glorious.

I took my Guides camping. It rained but we are toughies …

Packing up wet tents is a challenge for Guides and Leaders alike.

I haven’t been photographing my outfits much, but this one is a favourite. I feel very 70s in it.


Luke’s mum sent me this 80s tupperware. Very much in love! But don’t microwave it. Hot tip (ha!) from the experienced …


Last weekend saw Luke and I spend a day together, the first for three or four weeks! We slept in, went to the gym, out for breakfast at our favourite (have the summer breakfast), did some study, then played board games and drank wine. Glorious. We have made it our mission to spend every Sunday like this.

Summer breakfast at Small Block – spinach, fetta, beetroot relish, avo, eggs, toast.

So that’s me.

Oh, and just to show off, it is only 87 days until Luke and I go to southern California and New York for a wedding and a hollyday. Happy happy happy dance!

Happy Easter to you if that’s your thing. If not, hope you have enjoyed your long weekend. I have!

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Great Ocean Road

After our glorious Tasmanian holiday, Luke’s parents popped down from New South Wales for a visit and more adventures. We hit the road to see more of lovely Victoria via the Great Ocean Road.

Luke at the helm!

It was a stinking hot day, so getting out and looking around wasn’t as appealing as it might have otherwise been. Regardless, we managed to get out of the air-conditioned car to see the sights. And what glorious sights they were!

The 12 Apostles.

The Grotto.

We made it to Port Campbell by early evening, and quickly changed into our bathers and sought relief in the bay. The water was freezing even after days of hot weather, it was the most refreshing swim I’ve ever had. Delicious.


After a seafood dinner we ate ice creams at the beach, and watched the sun go down. The temperature finally dropped to a manageable level, and I wasn’t a sweaty mess any longer.

In the morning we headed a bit further west to see Warrnambool, visiting a maritime museum and … a vintage shop!

I sure would like to live in a lighthouse …

There were ducks! Ducks!

The family had to drag me away from the vintage shop in the end, there were so many treasures.

I have a thing for souvenir tablecloths.

This lovely white cardigan is vintage Target. Wish they still sold cool stuff …

After my shopping adventure, we made our way home, unfortunately driving back was not nearly as exciting as driving there. Luke drove us again, while we all napped. What a champion.

On Sunday we took ourselves off to Heide for a wander around the gardens, and to have lunch at Cafe Vue. I love it there, the gardens are gorgeous, and the food is always amazing. I had a sandwich on olive bread, a chardonnay, and an apricot tart. Perfect.

The perfect kitchen garden.

Luke. With a corrugated iron cow.

And that sums up our lovely long weekend. Thanks Mel and Neal, come again!

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Budgies, books and ‘Waltzing Matilda’

I have had a bit of luck finding treasures lately, here are my favourite recent finds.

Budgies on a tin! From the Restorers Barn in Castlemaine.

Tin tray from a vintage shop in Bendigo, opposite the Gallery where we saw the Grace Kelly exhibition.

Waltzing Matilda linen tea towel, from the same shop in Bendigo.

Vintage books from the Ringwood Vinnies. The three volumes War and Peace were marked with separate prices, $4 for volumes 1 and 3, $3 for volume 2. The middle mustn’t be as good!

Gorgeous soft mohair pink scarf/shawl, made in Scotland.

Have you found anything pretty lately?

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Grace Kelly in … Bendigo?

Last Saturday, my good friend Sally and I road tripped it to Bendigo to see the Grace Kelly: Style Icon exhibition.

How embarrassing! Grace and I wore the same colour! Almost.

Castlemaine Court House

We left buying out tickets a bit late and the exhibition was almost sold out, the only time we could get in was for 6.30pm. So we made a day of it!  We left Melbs at midday, then stopped to have lunch and a cheeky red in Castlemaine. Before we hit the road for Benders, we had a peruse of the Restorers Barn, a treasure trove of gorgeous and odd.

Prince Charles wears many hats. Literally and figuratively.

Jugs and matching glasses are my weakness, but I resisted.

There was an entire room full of cups and saucers!

We then popped back on the road to Bendigo! Hurrah! We had time for a quick wander around before we went in.

We did not stop here, instead we found place to have a champagne and cheese platter. Much better.

Now. On to Grace. Isn’t she divine? The pink shirtwaist dress below was my absolute favourite.

There were so many gorgeous dresses! The exhibition started with dresses from her film career in 1956, then moved to when she met Prince Rainier and became a Princess, and finally her later years as a ‘style icon’. Unfortunately the majority of the dresses in the ‘style icon’ section were kaftans. Well, it was the 1970s.

Grace Kelly images from The Daily Mail.

All in all, we had a lovely day out in the country. Thanks for driving Sal!

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Op Shop Saturday

Last Saturday saw my darling sister and I head out to the the ‘burbs for spot of op shopping.

I chose not to purchase this record, but maybe I should have?

We started in Nar Nar Goon, where I found these teaspoons and a pair of yellow eggs cups.

CWA and Girl Guide spoons. $1 each.

The kookaburra carving was a gift from a favourite Girl Guide, the patterned egg cups are replica Titanic crockery, and my new yellow beauties. $2 for the pair.

Next was Pakenham, where I indulged my penchant for manchester, and cheese and broccoli pies (not pictured).  We stood out to the lovely ladies working at the local Salvos.  They said they could tell we were from ‘the city’, and said that we looked very ‘chic’.  But she pronounced it ‘chick’.  Cute.

Crochet lap blanket to join my growing collection. $7.

I love tablecloths.  This Queensland one joins my favourite Papua New Guinea and Tasmania tablecloths.  $2.

Finally, I found crockery!  Johnson of Australia is always a favourite, and the kitschy royal treasures were a real find.

17 pieces (missing a side plate) for only $5!

Commemorative mugs, $3 each.  The cute jug was 50 cents.  It’s now holding my new spoons.

This has whet my appetite for some more op shopping.  While I love my inner city vintage haunts, the prices in the ‘burbs are where it’s at.  Worth braving the Monash for at least …

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The title of this post is intended to be read in a French accent. Please take a moment to do so. You’re welcome.

Luke and I treated ourselves to a moment of shopping on the weekend. We suddenly found ourselves flush, thanks to Tru Energy. I know! Who would have thought it!? Not I.

Turns out we had been paying for the gas hot water for the ENTIRE block of flats the whole time we have been living here. Genius. Not that we noticed, until they sent us a ‘bill” saying we were $841.65 in credit. At first I thought it was an actual bill and started having heart palpitations, but I soon figured it out and rejoiced. It took a bit of convincing (and demanding), but they eventually sent us a cheque. Hurrah!

Luke treated himself to a gorgeous Jack London coat, I acquired a small selection of yellowy orangey items, and some other bits to be shared another time.

I bought this gorgeous lemon 70s shirt from Sheila Vintage, the brand is ‘Mischief’ which tickles my fancy. The mustard cardi is Miss Shop, but I bought it for a song at a oppy in Geelong last year. Lemon and mustard. Delicious.

Next up I bought these fuzzy gloves, or Handschuhen (auf Deutsch), made from angora and lambswool. They leave a fuzzy orange hue on everything I touch, but they are soft and warm and go all the way up to my elbows, so I forgive then. They are from a little shop on Gertrude Street, not sure of the name.

I actually ordered these online, they arrived yesterday. The best thing about online shopping is arriving home to parcels! We Love Colors is a treasure trove of coloured stockings. They have over 50 colours, choosing hurt my brain. Happy with my choices though, yellow will brighten up these grey days. Although, if you look around, often they aren’t so grey after all …

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Four eyes


I bought new glasses this week, from the gorgeous Che Eyewear. The choice of unworn vintage frames is amazing and I had heaps of fun playing around with the different frames.


I have received mixed reviews, I was complimented twice in my first 10 minutes of wearing them, but others have described them as ‘unusual’, and ‘ironically cool’. Hmm. What does that mean?

New glasses aside, outfits this week have included Pilates wear …


… Valentines Day ice cream outing outfits …


… and new job outfits.


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The Australasian Post


I was lucky enough to come across a huge pile of The Australasian Post at a secondhand shop in Creswick a few weekends ago. Lots were from the 1970s, but it was the ones from the early 1960s that took my fancy.


If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram (@hollybracken), you might have seen some of these glorious images before. If not, enjoy!






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