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Paris je t’aime

It’s no secret that Luke and I are all a gaggle for Paris.  We visited for just over a week in July last year and loved all of it.  The language, the food, getting dressed up and wandering looking glamourous, the museums, le tour eiffel, the vintage clothes shops, ALL OF IT!

Here are some of my favourite Paris activities …

Eating crepes with nutella and banana.  A meal for every occasion and any time of day.

Visiting the Paris Flea Market.  Oh boy! Not cheap, but the treasures …

Touring Versailles with Fat Tyre Bike Tours.  Riding around the gardens (with a stop for wine and cheese) was way better than visiting the inside of Versailles.

Exploring the beautiful streets with my lover.  Jeepers, I could just walk around Paris all day.  Not with my pack on though.

Shopping!  Specifically vintage shopping, obviously.  The blog Sweet Sassafras does a great round up of the vintage shops not to miss. {photo by sarai}

The view from l’arc de triomphe.  Magnifique.

So save your euros kiddies, Paris is the place to be.

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What to wear?

Here are some of the outfits that I have graced the world with lately.


My favourite 1940s blue number from Clara Fox.


Tan and teal.  This dress is turning into a firm favourite, found for $30 at Frippery on Smith Street.


My favourite MC Escher coat.  Found years and years ago at an op shop somewhere in Tasmania.  Currently (sadly)  in for repairs with Miss Karlee at Golden Age Vintage.


Lacy and spotty.  From the Red Cross oppy on Brunswick Street I think.


Babushka scarf from Moscow an a final moment of blond.


Brunette again thanks to Carmen the bestest ever hairdresser at Fur Brunswick Street.

Toodle pip!


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English, Deutsch, Espanol

Learning languages can be confusing …

I learnt German at High School, thanks to the unflappable Frau Schmit. She showed superhuman patience while the class attempted to distract her from her learning objectives with inane questions about German life. Such as “Do Germans dress their dogs up for Christmas?” Answer – no.

My German language career culminated with a three month exchange to visit Raphaela, my wunderbar exchange student. Prima! I become fluent! Was mistaken for a German! I achieved language nirvana.

I ordered this beer auf Deutsch!

However, I then went on to learn Spanish at University, balancing the high of almost straight A’s in my first year with the low of almost straight D’s in my last. I soon learnt that it was muy difficult learning a language in a class room.

This photo was not taken in Mexico.

Despite my dismal Spanish skills, my Spanish language career culminated in successfully navigating myself and two of my best amigas through Costa Rica, Cuba and Mexico. D’s be damned.

Since then I undertook to learn Russian as preparation for our grand Trans-Mongolia adventure, learning only the mere basics. Nyet (no) and pazhalusta (please) being my favourites.

With my mates Lenin and Stalin.

Next on my list of languages to be average at is French. I already have croissant, bonjour, oui and madam sorted. Almost there …

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I have been cooking (and eating!) up a storm lately, here is some of what’s been on the menu.

Most excitingly, I have been cooking from the actual cookbooks that take up room in my small kitchen.  Crazy!


My breakfast. Everyday. Overnight porridge with fruit.

Ricotta pancakes with banana and creme fraiche. These were seriously good. From Indulge by Rowie Dillon, an amazing gluten-free cookbook that I bought Luke for Christmas.

Mushroom soup in the making. From Poh’s Kitchen by Poh Ling Yeow.

Luke’s amazing smoked salmon, fetta and spinach frittata. From Indulge by Rowie Dillon.

White bean and spinach curry with coconut rice. From Indulge by Rowie Dillon.

Deconstructed apple crumble while on Girl Guide Camp.  I don’t know who came up with this, but they are a genius.

Broccoli cheese soup. It is as good as it sounds. Recipe here.

Delicious!  Have you cooked anything delicious lately?  From actual cookbooks?

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Charm School

Many thanks to the lovely Thread Den ladies for my portrait!

A few weekends ago now, I attended the Lindy Charm School For Girls at Thread Den.


I learnt the importance of red lipstick, keeping ones stocking steams straight, good underwear, and that I simply MUST curl my hair. Some lessons will be executed, others merely noted.


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