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Ah Meredith 2012. To quote Aunty, it felt next level and old school all at the same time. It’s very difficult to express the wondrous weekend that was the Meredith Music Festival, so I’ll leave it to these photos to help you get it if you weren’t there.

on the road to meredith
On the road, this place is a beauty.

meredith sunrise
Morning! Meredith Sunrises for all!

dusty sunset
And a Meredith Sunset. There’s nothing like it.

Oh look! It’s Vladimir Putin!

with vladamir
Giving my respects to Vladimir.

sunset over the eye
Me capturing Laura, capturing Meredith.

It’s Lukey!

A breakfast necessity. Hydration and vitamins.

When it’s hot, nap.

Meredith isn’t Meredith without Sunday morning recovery tai chi.

Hope to see you in the ‘Sup next year!

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