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The A Team again partook in some Meredith. It was a good ‘un.

the a team

The music was spectacular, as always, with highlights being Chic featuring Nile Rogers, Spiderbait, Clairy Browne and the Bangin’ Rackettes, and Brian Jonestown Massacre. But, again as always, the fun was had both in the ‘Sup and around the outside.

luke drinking a cocktail

We decided to start the first day with cocktails. Milk Based Cocktails to be precise. Luke made some White Russians before we left and popped them in a couple of thermos, and surprised Laura. She was stoked to say the least.

laura discovers a mbc

We all enjoy the MBCs and umbrellas.

holly drinking a cocktail

Cocktails were soon followed by life saving cups of tea. You know how it is.

a saving cup of tea

The days were glorious …

the love arch

… as were the evenings.

sunset over meredith

Farewell Meredith. See you soon.

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Great Ocean Road

After our glorious Tasmanian holiday, Luke’s parents popped down from New South Wales for a visit and more adventures. We hit the road to see more of lovely Victoria via the Great Ocean Road.

Luke at the helm!

It was a stinking hot day, so getting out and looking around wasn’t as appealing as it might have otherwise been. Regardless, we managed to get out of the air-conditioned car to see the sights. And what glorious sights they were!

The 12 Apostles.

The Grotto.

We made it to Port Campbell by early evening, and quickly changed into our bathers and sought relief in the bay. The water was freezing even after days of hot weather, it was the most refreshing swim I’ve ever had. Delicious.


After a seafood dinner we ate ice creams at the beach, and watched the sun go down. The temperature finally dropped to a manageable level, and I wasn’t a sweaty mess any longer.

In the morning we headed a bit further west to see Warrnambool, visiting a maritime museum and … a vintage shop!

I sure would like to live in a lighthouse …

There were ducks! Ducks!

The family had to drag me away from the vintage shop in the end, there were so many treasures.

I have a thing for souvenir tablecloths.

This lovely white cardigan is vintage Target. Wish they still sold cool stuff …

After my shopping adventure, we made our way home, unfortunately driving back was not nearly as exciting as driving there. Luke drove us again, while we all napped. What a champion.

On Sunday we took ourselves off to Heide for a wander around the gardens, and to have lunch at Cafe Vue. I love it there, the gardens are gorgeous, and the food is always amazing. I had a sandwich on olive bread, a chardonnay, and an apricot tart. Perfect.

The perfect kitchen garden.

Luke. With a corrugated iron cow.

And that sums up our lovely long weekend. Thanks Mel and Neal, come again!

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Home, James

Well, the fabulous holiday is over. We are all home, the bags unpacked and the washing done. But the t-shirts I had made live on!

After our two lovely, sunny, food and drink filled days at Airlie Beach, the ladies and I got back in the car and sadly headed home. While I found the northern Queensland op shops very disappointing, luckily the country bakeries did not disappoint.

We saw another ‘big thing’ on our way home, the Big Cane Toad. Ick. Luckily we did not see one cane toad during our travels, or I would have screamed. Nothing grosses me out like a cane toad.

After a joyous reunion with Lukey at the airport, we headed home to Melbourne where I proceeded to get sick. Not just sick, but infection in the throat and chest sick. So have spent the last four days dressed in my version of pajamas, and only leaving the house to go to the doctor.

Ugg boots, bonds tights, american apparel mini dress, favourite woollen cardigan owned for years, blue coat. I like to look my best when doctoring.

Many thanks to my gorgeous old (but not old old, you know what I mean) friends for a glorious week. Let’s do it again sometime! But obviously fly up. I don’t need to see the Big Cane Toad again.

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Further up north

Let the road trip begin! Read the first part of my holiday here, and the second part here.


We spent two days in the car, with lots of toilet stops, plenty of catching up, coffee and an ice cream or two.


After finally arriving at Airlie Beach last night, we woke up to this glorious view. It’s going to be a tough few days.


Highlights from the road included the Big Pineapple, the Big Bull, and the Big Bundy Rum.



We plan on reading in the sun, drinking sparkling in the jacuzzi and laying on the beach for the next two days until we have to hit the road south again.


Adventures ahoy!

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If we took a holiday

Took some time to celebrate …

I’m about to embark on an adventure. The ladies and I are heading on an epic road trip from the glorious GC to Airlie Beach, via La La Land.

14 hours. I hope we have enough Grinspoon and Alanis Morissette to last the distance …

Which ladies you ask? Holli and Stacey of course!

Hollie, Holli, Stacey and I (in the front), circa 1995, hence the skivvy, white jeans, fleece and flannie!

I was lucky enough to spend both primary school and high school with an abundance of Hollies, and a Stacey. While Hollie left us after Grade 10 to become sporty and famous (and is now a mum!), the rest of us kept living the teenage dream in Launceston until I moved to Melbourne for uni. Stacey moved to the Gold Coast not long after I left, this means that the three of us haven’t hung out for TEN YEARS! This seems ridiculous, after spending every single day of our childhood together.

I’m starting my hollyday tomorrow in Lismore with Luke’s family, where we will be celebrating Nan’s 80th birthday. Hip hip hurray for Marlene!

We pack the car and hit the road Monday morning. Be scared Queensland, be very, very scared.

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Grace Kelly in … Bendigo?

Last Saturday, my good friend Sally and I road tripped it to Bendigo to see the Grace Kelly: Style Icon exhibition.

How embarrassing! Grace and I wore the same colour! Almost.

Castlemaine Court House

We left buying out tickets a bit late and the exhibition was almost sold out, the only time we could get in was for 6.30pm. So we made a day of it!  We left Melbs at midday, then stopped to have lunch and a cheeky red in Castlemaine. Before we hit the road for Benders, we had a peruse of the Restorers Barn, a treasure trove of gorgeous and odd.

Prince Charles wears many hats. Literally and figuratively.

Jugs and matching glasses are my weakness, but I resisted.

There was an entire room full of cups and saucers!

We then popped back on the road to Bendigo! Hurrah! We had time for a quick wander around before we went in.

We did not stop here, instead we found place to have a champagne and cheese platter. Much better.

Now. On to Grace. Isn’t she divine? The pink shirtwaist dress below was my absolute favourite.

There were so many gorgeous dresses! The exhibition started with dresses from her film career in 1956, then moved to when she met Prince Rainier and became a Princess, and finally her later years as a ‘style icon’. Unfortunately the majority of the dresses in the ‘style icon’ section were kaftans. Well, it was the 1970s.

Grace Kelly images from The Daily Mail.

All in all, we had a lovely day out in the country. Thanks for driving Sal!

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