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The title of this post is intended to be read in a French accent. Please take a moment to do so. You’re welcome.

Luke and I treated ourselves to a moment of shopping on the weekend. We suddenly found ourselves flush, thanks to Tru Energy. I know! Who would have thought it!? Not I.

Turns out we had been paying for the gas hot water for the ENTIRE block of flats the whole time we have been living here. Genius. Not that we noticed, until they sent us a ‘bill” saying we were $841.65 in credit. At first I thought it was an actual bill and started having heart palpitations, but I soon figured it out and rejoiced. It took a bit of convincing (and demanding), but they eventually sent us a cheque. Hurrah!

Luke treated himself to a gorgeous Jack London coat, I acquired a small selection of yellowy orangey items, and some other bits to be shared another time.

I bought this gorgeous lemon 70s shirt from Sheila Vintage, the brand is ‘Mischief’ which tickles my fancy. The mustard cardi is Miss Shop, but I bought it for a song at a oppy in Geelong last year. Lemon and mustard. Delicious.

Next up I bought these fuzzy gloves, or Handschuhen (auf Deutsch), made from angora and lambswool. They leave a fuzzy orange hue on everything I touch, but they are soft and warm and go all the way up to my elbows, so I forgive then. They are from a little shop on Gertrude Street, not sure of the name.

I actually ordered these online, they arrived yesterday. The best thing about online shopping is arriving home to parcels! We Love Colors is a treasure trove of coloured stockings. They have over 50 colours, choosing hurt my brain. Happy with my choices though, yellow will brighten up these grey days. Although, if you look around, often they aren’t so grey after all …

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