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2014: The Plan

I love a new year. Shiny, unsullied, full of potential. Sigh.

mooloolaba sunrise

So. The Plan for this year is centred around mindfulness. Being in the moment. Enjoying. Living. Not checking facebook and instagram 24/7. Loving. Oh the possibilities!

1. Sleep

As of the 28th of January, I am a full-time teacher. I will need lots of sleep so as to be sane, happy, with it and kind. As such, I will get ready for bed as early as possible – lunch made, bag packed, make-up removed. I will go to bed at a reasonable hour and I will not faff around at 10pm, putting off doing my chores. When I sleep 8 to 9 hours I am happy and resilient. Winner.

2. Internet-free Moments

Luke and I started Internet-free Sundays last year, but lost our way. Bringing back Sundays full of walks, cocktails, vinyl, card games, cooking, reading and napping. Adding to this, I shan’t use the internet mindlessly after dinner. Social media is often an unsatisfying time suck.

3. Shopping Ethically

Joining in with Pip of Meet Me At Mikes for a Year of Ethical Fashion. If I’m looking for things to wear I will only:

a) Buy from ethical makers or
b) Buy second-hand or
c) Make it myself  or
d) Wear things I already own or 
e) Borrow or swap garments with friends

I am currently pretty good with this already, with jeans, underwear, shoes and exercise gear being my weak points. Please note that underwear will be bought from ethical makers, not purchased second-hand (!).

Related to this, is a plan to go through my wardrobe and figure out what I *really* need to transform it into the wardrobe of a grown up teacher person.

Adding to this, I am going to try to make all my purchases as ethical as possible, using the Shop Ethical! app.

4. Beautiful Mornings

My new job is out east, about a 30-40 minute commute each way. Blah. So! To counter this, I am going to get up with enough time to have a stretch, perhaps meditate, drink a delicious cup of tea or coffee and eat a damn fine breakfast. My mornings will be beautiful and peaceful.

5. It IS about the money, money, money

A year with the both of us studying has really racked up the debt. This year will see us pay of those damn blasted credit cards and save money for … our wedding! Yippee! And hopefully a mid-year jaunt to Perth and some weekends away as required.

holly sunset

I’d love to hear of your plans for 2014. Bring it!

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How I exercise

Post exercise sunshine. Glorious.

Around two years ago I was a a slackserciser. I though that I exercised, but really, I was just faffing around. I walked a few times a week, which is good, and went to the gym a few days a week, but to be honest, I barely raised a sweat.

So what changed?

My sister scored a new boyfriend who works at Nike, and the staff discount certainly helped my enthusiasm for exercise wear …

I joined a local Pilates class. It took months, but gradually I learnt where my body was (this sounds odd, but anyone who has started Pilates for the first time hopefully knows what I mean …) and slowly became strong!

At this stage I realised that some (most) of my favourite clothes didn’t fit. Harumph. So, I stepped it up. I started running. Yes, running! Slowly, slowly, a few kilometres at a time. And I started training with Step Into Life three mornings a week. This is quite shocking because prior to this, I avoiding running like the plague. It needs to be noted that running, when you had really never done it before is really, really hard. But it does get easier!

I also ride my bike to and from work, but I take it nice and easy, I do my best not to raise a sweat so don’t really count this as exercise.

Exercising in the morning isn’t hard with views like these.

I reckon that some things are easier done everyday rather than sometimes. For me, exercise is now something that I just do every morning without thinking about it. Then I don’t have that annoying argument with myself about whether I exercise today or tomorrow.  I do both today AND tomorrow! But that’s not to say that I have the occasional sleep-in and rest day. Sleep-ins feel extra glorious when you are used to getting up at 6.15am five days a week!

Here’s an example of my regular routine:

Monday – Gym with Luke
Tuesday – Toning Class
Wednesday – Walk with my friend Sally
Thursday – Toning Class and evening walk with Luke
Friday – Gym with Luke
Saturday – Pilates Class and evening walk with Luke
Sunday – Walk or gym with Luke

At the gym I use the stationary bike and sweat it out. I would much rather go for a run, but alas, this my best cardio option at the moment, thanks to my silly knee tendon. I also do the knee strengthening exercises given to me by the physio and do lots of stretching.  I LOVE stretching. I reckon that there is three components to a good exercise plan: cardio, toning and stretching.

What do you get up to? Do you find stretching glorious like me?

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