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Love and happiness

The ever romantic, sexy, kind, fun and generous Luke Ramsay asked me to marry him last week. Because mama didn’t raise no fool, I said yes.


While standing on the Bethesda Terrace in Central Park, overlooking at the fountain and lake, Luke said some very, very kind things about me and pulled out a ring.


The sneaky bear had bought the ring in Melbourne, and had been saving it to ask me while in Central Park. Swoon. He had even spoken to my sister, and both our parents before we left, not to ask permission, but to ask for their blessings. Gotta love a family man.


He really is the one for me.

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Luke + Holly = five


Lukey Luke.

We met some time ago. Before I knew how to fill in my eyebrows and you were very hairy …

We’ve been to many a Meredith together …

We’ve been on a big adventure …

You are a tops big brother to the little sister you never wanted …

I’ve learnt quite a bit about you in the past five years. A quick summary provided below.

Luke likes:
Pasta and pesto (together)
Wine and cider (not together)
Le Tour de France
Video games

Luke doesn’t like:
Soup for dinner
Drum circles
Hippies at drum circles
People borrowing his DVDs
People moving his DVDs out of alphabetical by director order
Harry Potter

I love your playfulness, even if it usually manifests as annoying 12 year old boy teasing. I also love how you think I am the bees knees.

Thanks lover. Happy five year anniversary.

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