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How I exercise

Post exercise sunshine. Glorious.

Around two years ago I was a a slackserciser. I though that I exercised, but really, I was just faffing around. I walked a few times a week, which is good, and went to the gym a few days a week, but to be honest, I barely raised a sweat.

So what changed?

My sister scored a new boyfriend who works at Nike, and the staff discount certainly helped my enthusiasm for exercise wear …

I joined a local Pilates class. It took months, but gradually I learnt where my body was (this sounds odd, but anyone who has started Pilates for the first time hopefully knows what I mean …) and slowly became strong!

At this stage I realised that some (most) of my favourite clothes didn’t fit. Harumph. So, I stepped it up. I started running. Yes, running! Slowly, slowly, a few kilometres at a time. And I started training with Step Into Life three mornings a week. This is quite shocking because prior to this, I avoiding running like the plague. It needs to be noted that running, when you had really never done it before is really, really hard. But it does get easier!

I also ride my bike to and from work, but I take it nice and easy, I do my best not to raise a sweat so don’t really count this as exercise.

Exercising in the morning isn’t hard with views like these.

I reckon that some things are easier done everyday rather than sometimes. For me, exercise is now something that I just do every morning without thinking about it. Then I don’t have that annoying argument with myself about whether I exercise today or tomorrow.  I do both today AND tomorrow! But that’s not to say that I have the occasional sleep-in and rest day. Sleep-ins feel extra glorious when you are used to getting up at 6.15am five days a week!

Here’s an example of my regular routine:

Monday – Gym with Luke
Tuesday – Toning Class
Wednesday – Walk with my friend Sally
Thursday – Toning Class and evening walk with Luke
Friday – Gym with Luke
Saturday – Pilates Class and evening walk with Luke
Sunday – Walk or gym with Luke

At the gym I use the stationary bike and sweat it out. I would much rather go for a run, but alas, this my best cardio option at the moment, thanks to my silly knee tendon. I also do the knee strengthening exercises given to me by the physio and do lots of stretching.  I LOVE stretching. I reckon that there is three components to a good exercise plan: cardio, toning and stretching.

What do you get up to? Do you find stretching glorious like me?

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Back to the … gym

You may have noticed an absence of exercise posts around these parts lately. Well. It seems I have a daft knee injury requiring PRP injections (ouch). Tendon tears suck. This means that at the moment there’s no running, squatting or jumping for me.

Happily, I am allowed to ride my bike. Thank goodness! I’m also allowed to walk, which is also helpful. I have been instructed to keep it moving to encourage blood flow and healing, while simultaneously being careful and not antagonising it. Hmm.

My chance of getting a run with the Cats has unfortunately decreased considerably.

As part of my efforts to keep my fitness up and not go crazy, I have been joining Luke at our local YMCA gym a few mornings a week to sweat it out on the stationary bike and do a few physio endorsed exercises. It’s not my favourite outdoor cardio class, but it will certainly get me though and keep me fit and sane for the next few months while my tendon (hopefully) recovers. Wish me luck!

Do you gym it? Or do you do it outdoors?

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