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Monuments, Presidents and Astronauts

In order to give our last holiday it’s due respect, I will be completing my blog on our holiday to the US. By hook or by crook …

Day 17

Washington! We took ourselves off on the Amtrak for a jaunt to Washington DC to visit two dear friends we met in Mongolia and again in China on our last adventure. Well, three friends, as they now how a cutie-pie named Henry.

luke and henry
He is divine! And the baby isn’t too bad either! Ba ha ha!

Brian and Erin took us out for breakfast  …

I had beans and rice, plantains, salsa, tortillas, eggs, cream (!) and garlic bread. Would order it again in a flash.

… then took us for a tour of the Washington DC sites.

white house
Yep, I reckon we could live here.

forest jenny


The Lincoln Memorial was overwhelmingly large and impressive, as was the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial. I think this one was my favourite actually.

martin luther king

We then escaped the insane heat and took ourselves to one of the 19 amazing, free and world-class Smithsonian Museums. It was hard to choose, but due to Luke’s boyhood dream of being an astronaut, we took ourselves off to the National Air and Space Museum!

space museum

After all this sightseeing it was time for a break, so we went home to freshen up, then hand the baby over to his grandma and head out! We went to the historic neighbourhood of Georgetown for gluten-free pizzas and cocktails, with a charming walk around the waterfront for good luck!


A few beers may have been consumed at home that evening, along with some fabulous catching up time.

Day 18

The next day Luke and I headed out to the Arlington National Cemetery to see some famous graves, which sounds quite odd now that I’m typing this. Anyway, we saw the graves of the darling Kennedy brothers and Jackie O, and saw the changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknowns.


The cemetery was worth the visit. Beautiful and touching.


Again to escape the heat, Luke and I visited another Smithsonian Museum, this time the National Museum of American History. Highlights being the fabulous old cars, a display about the First Ladies, an excellent exhibition about the evolution of food in America, and of course, Julia Child’s kitchen!

julia child
“A party without cake is really just a meeting.” Ooh I love her!

luke and squirrel

As usual, Luke made friends with a squirrel …


… then made us march around the hot city to see the Capitol Building. Not that I minded!

Then finally it was time to say our farewells to beautiful Washington and our so generous friends. Thank you Brian, Erin and Henry for showing us how beautiful and full of great food (and drink!) Washington DC is!

washington station

Next, our last few days in NYC …

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