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How I exercise

Post exercise sunshine. Glorious.

Around two years ago I was a a slackserciser. I though that I exercised, but really, I was just faffing around. I walked a few times a week, which is good, and went to the gym a few days a week, but to be honest, I barely raised a sweat.

So what changed?

My sister scored a new boyfriend who works at Nike, and the staff discount certainly helped my enthusiasm for exercise wear …

I joined a local Pilates class. It took months, but gradually I learnt where my body was (this sounds odd, but anyone who has started Pilates for the first time hopefully knows what I mean …) and slowly became strong!

At this stage I realised that some (most) of my favourite clothes didn’t fit. Harumph. So, I stepped it up. I started running. Yes, running! Slowly, slowly, a few kilometres at a time. And I started training with Step Into Life three mornings a week. This is quite shocking because prior to this, I avoiding running like the plague. It needs to be noted that running, when you had really never done it before is really, really hard. But it does get easier!

I also ride my bike to and from work, but I take it nice and easy, I do my best not to raise a sweat so don’t really count this as exercise.

Exercising in the morning isn’t hard with views like these.

I reckon that some things are easier done everyday rather than sometimes. For me, exercise is now something that I just do every morning without thinking about it. Then I don’t have that annoying argument with myself about whether I exercise today or tomorrow.  I do both today AND tomorrow! But that’s not to say that I have the occasional sleep-in and rest day. Sleep-ins feel extra glorious when you are used to getting up at 6.15am five days a week!

Here’s an example of my regular routine:

Monday – Gym with Luke
Tuesday – Toning Class
Wednesday – Walk with my friend Sally
Thursday – Toning Class and evening walk with Luke
Friday – Gym with Luke
Saturday – Pilates Class and evening walk with Luke
Sunday – Walk or gym with Luke

At the gym I use the stationary bike and sweat it out. I would much rather go for a run, but alas, this my best cardio option at the moment, thanks to my silly knee tendon. I also do the knee strengthening exercises given to me by the physio and do lots of stretching.  I LOVE stretching. I reckon that there is three components to a good exercise plan: cardio, toning and stretching.

What do you get up to? Do you find stretching glorious like me?

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