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The A Team again partook in some Meredith. It was a good ‘un.

the a team

The music was spectacular, as always, with highlights being Chic featuring Nile Rogers, Spiderbait, Clairy Browne and the Bangin’ Rackettes, and Brian Jonestown Massacre. But, again as always, the fun was had both in the ‘Sup and around the outside.

luke drinking a cocktail

We decided to start the first day with cocktails. Milk Based Cocktails to be precise. Luke made some White Russians before we left and popped them in a couple of thermos, and surprised Laura. She was stoked to say the least.

laura discovers a mbc

We all enjoy the MBCs and umbrellas.

holly drinking a cocktail

Cocktails were soon followed by life saving cups of tea. You know how it is.

a saving cup of tea

The days were glorious …

the love arch

… as were the evenings.

sunset over meredith

Farewell Meredith. See you soon.

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Luke + Holly = five


Lukey Luke.

We met some time ago. Before I knew how to fill in my eyebrows and you were very hairy …

We’ve been to many a Meredith together …

We’ve been on a big adventure …

You are a tops big brother to the little sister you never wanted …

I’ve learnt quite a bit about you in the past five years. A quick summary provided below.

Luke likes:
Pasta and pesto (together)
Wine and cider (not together)
Le Tour de France
Video games

Luke doesn’t like:
Soup for dinner
Drum circles
Hippies at drum circles
People borrowing his DVDs
People moving his DVDs out of alphabetical by director order
Harry Potter

I love your playfulness, even if it usually manifests as annoying 12 year old boy teasing. I also love how you think I am the bees knees.

Thanks lover. Happy five year anniversary.

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Up north

So thankful for some sunshine.

Early Friday, Luke and jumped aboard a jet and headed up north to visit the fam.

Sunrise from Melbourne to the Gold Coast.

So far I’ve enjoyed playing with Rex …


Reading Game of Thrones in the sun …


And eating delicious breakfasts …


It’s been sunny and warm here, but I can’t wait to head further north tomorrow morning and explore, relax and catch up with my ladies.

More news from the deep north shortly!

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I seem to photograph three things regularly:

Luke and I


Sushi and kisses in the sun!

1 Collins Street. Classy.

My food

Breakfast most days – overnight oats, berries, brown sugar and hazelnuts.

Bottom of the fridge soup with sour cream.

The sky

Olympic Park looks like bubbles.

Sunset out my kitchen window.

If these topics thrill you, follow me on Instagram! I’m known as @hollybracken …

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