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Paris to Berlin

After our river boating, we headed back to Paris where we ate some more delicious crepes and falafel, did a spot of shopping and some final French sight-seeing.

I bought these amazing Bensimons on special for only €19, and some fabulous vintage dresses, which I’ll blog more about later. You’ll see me in this gorgeous new-to-me dress lots, until Vietnam, when a silly washing man loses it off the back of his motorbike. Curse. Sob.

We did some posing …

… and popped down to Versailles where we rode our bikes around the huge, gorgeous grounds, and fought the bajillion tourists for a glimpse of the palace interior.

Sit down in front!

It was then, sadly, time to leave our beloved Paris and hightail it to Berlin! I soon made myself at home, and got stuck into a local bier.

We soon figured out our plan for the three short days we were there, even if it looked as though we were lost.

We loved Berlin. We visited Friedrichstraße, Checkpoint Charlie, the Wall, and Kreuzberg where we ate delicious Turkish food and drank beer in pop-up bar fashioned from double decker bus parked on an abandoned lot. Obviously. Very Berlin.

We spent a day and night with Raphaela, who was my exchange partner in Grade 10! Which was *cough* eleven years ago. Well, twelve now I guess. Luckily, neither of us seem to have changed much!

We did have a moment when we got a touch lost at midnight (or later), but my trusty rusty German got us through! Even if the ever helpful Germans insisted on replying to my German in English … I wanted to practise!

Me: Hallo. Zwei Bier bitte.
Waiter: Anything else?
Me: Nein danke.
Waiter: No problems.


However my language issues in Germany turned out to be but a trifle compared to what was waiting for us in the Motherland. Oh to have even half a language in common, let alone two! Stay tuned for our Russian adventures next…

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