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Festival of Holly

I am now 29. While this is a little concerning, I am determined to live this last year of my 20s in style. Which seems entirely possible, given the excellent start to my 29th year.

I was well and truly spoilt by my generous friends and family. Thank you all!

Luke and I have an excellent tradition of taking each other out to a surprise birthday dinner, to somewhere we haven’t been before (for Luke’s birthday in February I took us to the the Press Club). On Friday night, Luke took me to Flinders Street, where we boarded a train on the Sandringham line.

I had absolutely no idea where we were going. We disembarked at Ripponlea, and walked down the dark streets, until we arrived at … Attica. Oh my. The food was extraordinary, we played fancy grown ups and had the eight course tasting menu with matching wines.

Marron with leeks and mustard flowers, honey and thyme for second dessert, walnut appetiser, egg yoke with pyengana cheddar cream and almonds.

We finished with chocolate eggs filled with salted caramel and a cognac to share …

The food and service was gorgeous, the night was just perfect. I recommend saving up your pennies and visiting Attica, worth the weeks pay!

In my birthday party dress, kindly supplied by my darling sister.

Next up for the Festival of Holly … cocktails! Last night my gorgeous friends came on over for a party. We made lots and lots of traditional and not so traditional cocktails – old fashioneds, manhattans, whiskey sours, mojitos, cuba libres, and concoctions involving cinzano, brandy, pimms, gin and goodness knows what else! Sally found her old fashioned a bit too alcoholic, so added mixer to make a not in fashion. Classy.

My baker extraordinaire sister whipped up this chocolate minty delight …

… which was well and truly enjoyed by all.

The third instalment of the Festival is a trip to ACMI to watch Singin’ in the Rain this afternoon. Luke sure knows how to throw a gal a birthday weekend.

Love and thanks to all those who wished me a happy birthday, I’m lucky to have you all!

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Lately …

Luke and I spent last Saturday night in, enjoying some good old fashioned fun. We played pass the pigs, cribbage and drank gin. I won cribbage, Luke won pass the pigs.

Luke joined me for lunch last week, on a lovely sunny day. Spring is slowly springing! We followed up lunch with ice creams in the park. I’m a biter, Luke’s a licker.

Here I am channelling the 1970s in preparation for seeing Germaine Greer as part of the Melbourne Writers Festival. Germaine was fabulous, and spoke intelligently and eloquently on a huge range of subjects from gay marriage (she’s anti all marriage, gay or otherwise), the health of Australian rainforests and how women need to stop being obsessed with cleanliness, and stop cleaning our houses so often! I love her.


Luke and I recently took ourselves out for date night. We started with a date night Old Fashioned. Delicious. We followed this up with date night paella, date night sangria and date night pints. Needless to say we ended with a date night hangover.

I hope you have a lovely week!

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A sniff of spring

A glorious magnolia that I wish was outside my house.

I have to admit that I’ve been feeling the winter blues a bit lately. Lethargy. Urg. But last week, as I walked home, I caught a sniff of daphne! Daphne! And then I caught sight of the magnolia above AND the jasmine below! These pretty pinky white blooms improved my mood greatly.

Jasmine about to burst …

I can’t wait until that first glorious spring weekend when Luke and I can picnic in the park, kick the footy and lounge with our toes in the grass.

Bring on spring!

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Luke + Holly = five


Lukey Luke.

We met some time ago. Before I knew how to fill in my eyebrows and you were very hairy …

We’ve been to many a Meredith together …

We’ve been on a big adventure …

You are a tops big brother to the little sister you never wanted …

I’ve learnt quite a bit about you in the past five years. A quick summary provided below.

Luke likes:
Pasta and pesto (together)
Wine and cider (not together)
Le Tour de France
Video games

Luke doesn’t like:
Soup for dinner
Drum circles
Hippies at drum circles
People borrowing his DVDs
People moving his DVDs out of alphabetical by director order
Harry Potter

I love your playfulness, even if it usually manifests as annoying 12 year old boy teasing. I also love how you think I am the bees knees.

Thanks lover. Happy five year anniversary.

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A Guide is self-controlled in all she thinks, says and does

The title of this post is one of the Guide Laws. Some are easier to keep than others …

As many of you know, I am a Girl Guide, and have been since I was 7. I come from a Scouting family, my Auntie is a Cub Leader, and my Dad was a Queen’s Scout.

Yes, yes, I was a total cutie, I know. Those cheeks! I still wear that hat too …

I was a Brownie Guide, a Guide, and Ranger Guide and then I defected to the dark side and joined Venturer Scouts. Which I loved, by the way. Because I was 15 and there were boys.

I went to the snazzily named SA4U2 Guide Jamboree in South Australia in 1997. We flew Ansett. Good times.  I believe I am wearing culottes in this picture, unfortunately you can’t see them.

I have been lucky enough to experience a whole bunch of crazy, fun, amazing things thanks to Girl Guides. I traveled to Mexico to attend a conference when I was 19, then just banged around Mexico (alone!) for around a month or so. I have also been to Canberra, all over Tassie and Victoria, and most recently visited Girl Guides in Mongolia!

Looking good in Mexico with my fellow Leaders. I’d like to say that someone made me wear the akubra. But they didn’t.

After my awesome adventurers as a Guide, I became a Guide Leader. You can call me Kookaburra! I love being a Guide Leader to my intense 10-14 year olds. 11 is my favourite age, bless them. They are oh so grown up, yet still happy to colour in, play games and sing songs. Preferably by One Direction. Having girl only time at this age is so important.

And now I’m wearing a fleece. It seems all my fashion values disappear when I’m in Girl Guide mode.

Being involved with Girl Guides is really important to me, I believe that volunteering gives me way more back than I put in. Are you a volunteer? Ever been a Guide or a Scout?

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I love the MGC

(not to be confused with the MCG …)

Most days I ride my bike, Mallory, to work. I could ride along the road, but I like to sneak though the Melbourne General Cemetery. On wet mornings, or mornings when I have stuff to do that Mallory isn’t invited to, I walk and always stop to take at least one photo on my way.

The old section is my favourite, with the falling apart graves etched with glorious names like Elsie Elizabeth, Margaret Mary and Grace Jean, and the impressive ornate headstones. The morning clouds make the whole experience almost (almost!) religious.

I guess some would find my love of the cemetery in bad taste, but I love imaging the lives people lived, who they loved and how they are missed. It’s beautiful and uplifting.


How do you feel about cemeteries? The MGC is beautiful, yes?

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She works hard for the money

A work week in pictures.

Monday – Not really feeling it.

Tuesday – Definitely not feeling it.

Wednesday – Tea makes everything better.

Thursday – Considering how much better I feel on a Thursday compared to a Tuesday.

Friday – Loving it!

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Back to the … gym

You may have noticed an absence of exercise posts around these parts lately. Well. It seems I have a daft knee injury requiring PRP injections (ouch). Tendon tears suck. This means that at the moment there’s no running, squatting or jumping for me.

Happily, I am allowed to ride my bike. Thank goodness! I’m also allowed to walk, which is also helpful. I have been instructed to keep it moving to encourage blood flow and healing, while simultaneously being careful and not antagonising it. Hmm.

My chance of getting a run with the Cats has unfortunately decreased considerably.

As part of my efforts to keep my fitness up and not go crazy, I have been joining Luke at our local YMCA gym a few mornings a week to sweat it out on the stationary bike and do a few physio endorsed exercises. It’s not my favourite outdoor cardio class, but it will certainly get me though and keep me fit and sane for the next few months while my tendon (hopefully) recovers. Wish me luck!

Do you gym it? Or do you do it outdoors?

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A guide to a good day

I think that if you can achieve four of these in one day, it can be declared a good day. More than four, well. Congratulations are in order.

1) Get up early enough to see the sunrise. Exercise.

2) Eat a good breakfast.

3) Wear something outrageous to work. Or red lipstick.

4) Take a long lunch break and read a good book. In the sun if possible.

5) Cook dinner with a loved one. Give them the best jobs. Wash up in the morning.

6) Smile when you feel like complaining. Think of Mary Poppins. Congratulate yourself.


I wish you well making today a good day.

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Oh my!

Jeepers! I haven’t blogged in over a month.  Not sure how that happened, I guess due to the combination of a having a new job, an addiction to reading The Hunger Games and watching Battlestar Gallactica.  I’ve also been busy as usual with my Girl Guide volunteer jobs, running a Unit with Bilby and doing my best as a member of the Girl Guide Victoria Executive and Finance Committees.  And I’ve been holding up my end of house duties and actually cooking dinner, not eating eggs every night, hurrah!

Autumn has well and truly hit Melbourne, with gorgeous leaves falling and long afternoon shadows.  I’ve been enjoying getting the woolies out and rugging up!

Feeling very autumnal in teal stockings from We Love Colors, vintage silk shirt dress from Moscow, and vintage MC Esher coat.

Dr Marten’s pink boots, gold knee-highs from Myer, aztec inspired vintage dress.

My blogging break may also be due to my new found love of playing Draw Something with Luke.  I’ll leave you with some of my favourite drawings!

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