Day 5

On Tuesday, Luke, Sam, Jess, Sean and I went to DISNEYLAND!

Look how much fun I’m having!


We got there nice and early, lined up and got in at opening time … 8am! Samwell took the job of obtaining our fast passes (said best in an American accent), which gave us certain times to go on the rides without lining up. I screamed like a baby throughout all the rides, Space Mountain was my favourite scary ride, with the Mad Tea Party Teacups and Peter Pan a close second. Don’t ask about the Tiki Room though …

I couldn’t resist some ears. Surprisingly no one else joined me.

Luke ate a gluten-free hotdog, I had a root beer float, we watched a New Orleans jazz band, I saw a guy from Melbourne Uni who I used to work with, we drank many free ice waters, Sean borrowed an ugly hat from lost property … all in all it was a most successful 10 hour day.

the team at disneyland

Until next time happiest place on earth, we will be back!

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One thought on “DISNEYLAND!

  1. Jo says:

    Tiki room??? What’s that? Oops you said not to ask…

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