Lately …

Luke and I spent last Saturday night in, enjoying some good old fashioned fun. We played pass the pigs, cribbage and drank gin. I won cribbage, Luke won pass the pigs.

Luke joined me for lunch last week, on a lovely sunny day. Spring is slowly springing! We followed up lunch with ice creams in the park. I’m a biter, Luke’s a licker.

Here I am channelling the 1970s in preparation for seeing Germaine Greer as part of the Melbourne Writers Festival. Germaine was fabulous, and spoke intelligently and eloquently on a huge range of subjects from gay marriage (she’s anti all marriage, gay or otherwise), the health of Australian rainforests and how women need to stop being obsessed with cleanliness, and stop cleaning our houses so often! I love her.


Luke and I recently took ourselves out for date night. We started with a date night Old Fashioned. Delicious. We followed this up with date night paella, date night sangria and date night pints. Needless to say we ended with a date night hangover.

I hope you have a lovely week!

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4 thoughts on “Lately …

  1. Joanne Bracken says:

    Hey Holly, you are looking extremely svelte! Or is that the fab 70’s diagonal print doing it’s best? Remember when you used to describe yourself as voLUMPtuous? How times change! Love to you, Mum

  2. Sounds like lots of fun. I love your idea of a date night. You guys party! The dress looks great on you!

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