Home, James

Well, the fabulous holiday is over. We are all home, the bags unpacked and the washing done. But the t-shirts I had made live on!

After our two lovely, sunny, food and drink filled days at Airlie Beach, the ladies and I got back in the car and sadly headed home. While I found the northern Queensland op shops very disappointing, luckily the country bakeries did not disappoint.

We saw another ‘big thing’ on our way home, the Big Cane Toad. Ick. Luckily we did not see one cane toad during our travels, or I would have screamed. Nothing grosses me out like a cane toad.

After a joyous reunion with Lukey at the airport, we headed home to Melbourne where I proceeded to get sick. Not just sick, but infection in the throat and chest sick. So have spent the last four days dressed in my version of pajamas, and only leaving the house to go to the doctor.

Ugg boots, bonds tights, american apparel mini dress, favourite woollen cardigan owned for years, blue coat. I like to look my best when doctoring.

Many thanks to my gorgeous old (but not old old, you know what I mean) friends for a glorious week. Let’s do it again sometime! But obviously fly up. I don’t need to see the Big Cane Toad again.

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2 thoughts on “Home, James

  1. kay says:

    sounds wonderful Holly…hope you are better soon

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