Back to the … gym

You may have noticed an absence of exercise posts around these parts lately. Well. It seems I have a daft knee injury requiring PRP injections (ouch). Tendon tears suck. This means that at the moment there’s no running, squatting or jumping for me.

Happily, I am allowed to ride my bike. Thank goodness! I’m also allowed to walk, which is also helpful. I have been instructed to keep it moving to encourage blood flow and healing, while simultaneously being careful and not antagonising it. Hmm.

My chance of getting a run with the Cats has unfortunately decreased considerably.

As part of my efforts to keep my fitness up and not go crazy, I have been joining Luke at our local YMCA gym a few mornings a week to sweat it out on the stationary bike and do a few physio endorsed exercises. It’s not my favourite outdoor cardio class, but it will certainly get me though and keep me fit and sane for the next few months while my tendon (hopefully) recovers. Wish me luck!

Do you gym it? Or do you do it outdoors?

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8 thoughts on “Back to the … gym

  1. Outdoors when at all possible. πŸ™‚

  2. spektakx says:

    i try to do 10-15 miles 4 times a week on the bike. I’ve ran in the past, and could do it now, but don’t want to put all the unnecessary stress on my knees and ankles. i like being outdoors, too.

  3. Rodney Bracken AKA Hollys Dad says:

    i am an outdoors man: old knees and hips from running so 150+ km per week on the push bike and walk ther dog 5 mornings a week. Love you Hols

  4. Lady Jayne says:

    Love the blog Holly, you have me all inspired to get mine moving again!!

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